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Corporate gym as a tax-free benefit

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Among the most appreciated benefits for an employee is the opportunity to train in their own gym, without a lot of monthly costs or too many people. We have several companies that have bought gyms for their workplaces and are extremely satisfied.

When you compare different benefits, it can be good to know that a company gym can be deductible and it is a relatively cheap expense for the company, moreover a one-time expense, not recurring every year. A great investment in your employees!

Did you know that if you meet certain requirements from the Swedish Tax Agency, you can actually build a company gym completely tax-deductible! It's called "benefit in kind" and you can read more about it here .

We put the question to the Swedish Tax Agency: " ...if a company wants to buy equipment from me to build a gym for their employees, can that company use "benefit in kind" to buy the equipment from me and then deduct the cost of doing so? "

The answer we received was: "... companies can purchase exercise equipment and then offer their employees to exercise in the workplace gym as a tax-free wellness benefit. The company then receives a deduction for the cost of the equipment as a personnel expense."

This is a rule that few people know about, but very positive if you have a company where all employees work in the same place and have equal access to the gym.

Plan a gym

Planning a gym is a bit more of a chore than you might expect. Of course, we are happy to help so you don't miss anything. We always say that you should start with the floor and work your way up.

A gym floor is important for several reasons. One reason is that you want to protect the floor. Often you do not own the property where you intend to build and it is expensive to repair a damaged floor. But the main reason is probably that you want an environment where the sound is muffled, the weights don't bounce and you feel comfortable laying sweaty and exhausted on the floor after a heavy set.

Make sure to measure carefully and calculate exactly how many square meters you need and then add 5-7% to be able to cut around corners, pipes etc. It is fine to saw our tiles with a regular jointer or similar with smaller teeth.

Then you should plan "stations". A station is a place where you have, for example, a squat stand or a rig. See our selection here . At a station you have a rig, bench and storage. Here, one to two people should be able to train together and these are your central parts in the gym. Remember that you need at least 1-2 meters of space at the sides of the stations.

After this, it is time to think about the type of training. Easier training with a focus on fitness or free weights and several lifts. Of course, we have most things for both. If you are aiming for slightly lighter fitness, you should focus on speed rope , kettlebells , dumbbells , plyo boxes etc. Equipment with which you can train longer sets but slightly lower weights at a high intensity. Little space is required as you usually have several stations at the same time and do "circuit training". Really fun and a very good complement to running training during the winter.

If it is a slightly heavier training with more lifts and heavier weights, the training tends to take up a little less space, but of course more weights and heavier weights. Then it's time to take a look bumpers , barbells , dumbbells , kettlebells and a little accessories for the rig which complements your training. Then I mean, for example land mine , dip station etc. We have finished barbell package and bumper pack to look at.

The heavier training will be focused around your stations and possibly a surface on the floor where you can lift with the bar. Make sure there is room for this. If it is crowded, it can be smart to focus on one station and make sure it is well equipped.

When you have thought this through, I think you should focus on mobility training, stretching and relaxation. What is needed then is a gang yoga mats , foam rollers , massage balls and shakers to protein drink, water or other. Going through body mobility is just as important as strength training, if not more important. It is easy to become stiff and then you start a chain reaction in the body that can lead to bigger problems later on, so focus on this part for your employees as well.

Now we've gone through the most important pieces of how to plan a corporate gym, or why not a gym for friends and neighbors?

Feel free to contact us at and we will help you with your planning and quotes!

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