How to Perform a Perfect Kettlebell Snatch

Hur du utför en perfekt Kettlebell Snatch

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

These are the different steps you go through when performing a snatch:

- Stand slightly wider than hip-width between your feet with a kettlebell in front of you.

- Send the kettlebell powerfully behind with one hand between the legs.

- Stand up in a strong and explosive movement. As a result, your kettlebell starts to travel forward.

- Pull your arm, as if starting a lawnmower, to force your kettlebell into a path closer to your body.

- When your kettlebell reaches head height, let it continue upwards while you tuck your hand and elbow under it.

- Catch with straight arm above head.

The takedown works like this:

- Bring the kettlebell forward.

- Stay upright while the ball falls down. Just as your hand approaches your groin, let your hip drop back.

- Steer the orb so it travels far back, not down.

- Either do more reps, or let the ball swing forward and put it down.

Good luck!

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