Training program for a whole week

Veckoprogram från Mattias Steenhouwer

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

Time for a new complete training week with daily sessions from our coach Mattias Steenhower. A good mix of strength and endurance. The week also includes classic crossfit wods like "Helen", "Grace" and "Karen". Bit together and just drive on!

WOD 1 - Monday

A) Mobility lower body

B) 10 rounds: 100 m sprints 100 m slow pace run

C) "Karen" For time: 150 wallballs

Today the legs will have to work a little 😅 It is important to warm up the legs properly. Work with mobility in the entire lower part of the body as a start to today's session. Get started on your ankles and calves before the run! If you can, clock each sprint to see how you keep your pace throughout. If you don't have the opportunity to throw the ball against the wall, do Thrusters with your ball or a weight instead. What time did you get on your 150 reps? Go for it!

WOD 2 - Tuesday

A) Mobility shoulders

B) AMRAP 25 min

10 Dumbbell snatch

8 Toes to bar

4 burpee box jump overs

It's time for long work today. 25 minutes is a long AMRAP. It's about finding a good pace through today's wod, never feeling like you need to stand and catch your breath for too long (then you've gone out too hard). Don't have a dumbbell? Drive with a KB or rod. No way to do Toes-to-Bar? Do V-ups! No box? Do regular Burpees How many laps did you do?

WOD 3 - Wednesday

A) Mobility shoulders

B) Strict press 4x8

C) "Helen" 3 Rounds for time

400 m run

21 KB swings

12 pull-ups

Today we start with some strength for shoulders. Rod, KB or Dumbbell - you decide. BUT let it sting a little ;) It is only by making it a little uncomfortable that you will increase in strength.

Then it's just a matter of driving - Helen! A real crossfit classic. Rx (ie the weight that is valid "competition weight") is 24kg at KB but ride at a weight you fix, no prestige and better to do it right than go too heavy. If you can't do pull-ups, do push-ups instead! How did it feel?⁠

WOD 4 - Thursday

A) Mobility hips

B) "Grace"

30 Clean & Jerk 60/42.5 kg

A real favorite today - 30 reps on time! Short work and just go in and hog, the bar should go up from the ground to the shoulders and then up over the head.⁠ One of the classics in crossfit

WOD 5 - Friday

A) Mobility shoulders+wrists

B) Handstand 15 min

C) 4 rounds for quality

4 Pullups + ring dips

8 burpees

12 air squats

16 sit-ups

It's Friday and time to just have fun

It's not about getting as tired as possible, but feeling quality right through the entire training session. It may take as long as you need! Try standing on your hands a bit, then just play through the next part as well. The heart rate should increase, but not too much. You must have the energy to give each exercise the same amount of love :) Hope it tastes good! ⁠

Thanks for this week and just drop us a line if you have any questions!

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