Train your chest and shoulders in your home gym

En wod för axlar som är grym

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

A program for those who want to train the upper body in your Oak box

Do you want to press a little more on the bench or build on slightly thicker shoulders for the summer. Here comes a two-piece set for you that is guaranteed to give you a thicker shoulder area and bigger arms. I promise! ;)

Training muscles for growth, strength or endurance is a bit different. You can get as technical as you want with slow and short fibers or go down in the number of reps per exercise. I'm not going to do that, but give you a program you can train at home with everything that's already in our Crossfit box - The Oak Box . So I won't give space to finlir or anything else. Consider this program a good foundation to build on if you wish.

After all, the most important thing is that you enjoy the program. That it doesn't hurt when you train and that you get inspired by driving all the parts. What is required to succeed then? Time. The answer to any training to be successful is time. Give it time, you won't build massive shoulders in a month or put on 40 kilos in the bench press. Let it take time, don't rush. It should be fun to train!

Part 1 - shoulders, chest and triceps

  • Bench press - do 4 sets x 10-14 reps (it should be heavy...)
  • Push-ups , if it's too easy, put your legs up on the bench. 3 sets to exhaustion each time
  • Military press , preferably seated to get more focus on the shoulders. 4 sets x 10-14 reps
  • Press behind the head , do not use too heavy weights and be strict in your execution. 4 sets x 15-18 reps
  • Axel flyes , grab a 2.5 kg weight plate in each hand and bring your arms straight out to the side. It's perfectly fine to bend your elbow a little if it feels good. 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  • Pullovers with a barbell , lie on your back on the bench and hold the barbell, bring it in a big arc over your head and down to the ground behind your head. 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  • Dips on the bench , Google dips if you don't know what it is. 4 sets to exhaustion each time

Feel free to do the exercises in the order I write them above. The reason is that the more technical the exercises become, the more important it is to keep the body in a strong position. A strong position is with a straight back, feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent knees. If you do slightly more difficult exercises, such as pressing behind the head, when you are tired throughout your body, your posture will be a little worse and it will be easier to injure yourself if you are not careful. Don't take in too many weights from the start.

I will post the second part shortly. Then the focus is on the back and torso. Feel free to write comments about how things are going for you or give tips for improvements in the program!

Training should be simple, fun and inspiring! The best thing about having your own box at home is that you can take your time when you want, not when you have to.

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