Why we started Oak Equipment!

Vi startade OaK Equipment

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

We started Oak for a simple reason, probably a reason many people out there have, we didn't find the right stuff when we wanted to build our own gym at home. When we searched for a so-called "home gym", there were only machines or racks that could not even support our own body weight. We searched in sports shops, online and heard from everyone we knew. No one could point us in the right direction. There is no shortage of bicycles, rowing machines and so-called multigyms. Nothing that we neither wanted nor thought was particularly neat to have standing in front of us.

For some time we have trained almost exclusively Crossfit-like training, high-intensity and heavy. We wanted to continue with that, but be able to do a quick session after a lap on the bike or on the running track. A round of quick deadlifts after a run does wonders for both fat burning, strength and posture. But you don't want to go to the gym just for a round of deadlifts!?

We searched for a long time but decided to go directly to the manufacturers. The ones who make rigs and bumpers etc. for the gyms we like to go to. Why shouldn't we be able to have the same stuff at home, but maybe not a full box? The answer was simpler than we thought, of course we can! We found a good supplier who could offer high quality and let us design the equipment to our liking and to fit in a garage instead of the gym.

The first thing we brought out was The Oak Rig. It is specially designed to fit in our garage. We also didn't want too many moving parts, but believe in simplicity and letting the body work in different angles instead of machines etc. So we picked out our own dream gym with rig, bench, barbell, plenty of bumpers and a few things that we often use in our own training. For example, a slam ball, a kettlebell and a jump rope. We absolutely did not want to compromise on quality, so we ordered everything home and gave proper feedback on the delivery. Now we have the same quality that you find in your local box or at the gym. No racket and rattle, properly with bumpers and accessories of the highest class. We were super satisfied!

When we proudly showed off the gym to friends, we realized that more people wanted what we wanted. Many thought it looked cool, were impressed by the quality and wanted the same setup in their garage. So we put together the package directly at the supplier, ensured production and efficient handling to be able to keep the right price. Sales only take place digitally via the internet - and here we are now. We are the only supplier of professional quality home gyms at great prices.

Prices, yes, that is a chapter in itself. We want the gyms to be at as low a price as possible, to make it accessible to as many people as possible. We will never sell or run a lot of discounts. Our idea is that it should always be a good price, always a price that does not include a lot of marketing, large warehouses, offices, etc. It should be just like when we were looking for the perfect gym ourselves!

Hope you like our stuff too! We are not professionals, so send us an email if you have questions, ideas on how we can make it better or if you have any questions. You can be sure that we are the ones who answer, no outsourced customer support. :)

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