Terms of purchase

To shop with us, you need to go through three different steps at checkout.

  1. Customer details, your name and where you live, but also phone and email so we can contact you about your delivery. Heavy items are sent on pallets and in that case we need contact details to be notified upon delivery.

But don't worry - we don't share your info with anyone else and would never use your personal info for anything other than contacting you about your order/delivery. Of course, we comply with the GDPR (read more below) legislation.

  1. The shipping – Depending on where you live in the world there will be some freight costs. In Sweden all packages ships free but in the rest of Europe it will be an extra cost to cover some of the freight. Also, all items are not available in all countries.
  2. Payment options – Here you can choose Klarna with direct payment or split the payment over a longer period of time. You can also pay directly with your credit card (via our supplier Stripe) + Google pay/Apple pay. All payment methods are secure and encrypted outside our site. If you don't want to use an online payment method, it also works with an invoice if you want.

Your order is usually made here on the site and as soon as you have placed an order, we send a confirmation via email or SMS. However, you can also email us if there are any special requests and we can fix the order manually via email or phone for you.

The company that owns Oak Equipment is called Acorn Group AB and is a Swedish company registered with the Companies Registry. We have been active since 2017.

Should it happen that you place an incorrect order, all you have to do is get in touch and we will fix it. Get in touch quickly to

Below you will find more detailed information about various areas related to e-commerce and what applies when you shop with us - but on the whole most of it is regulated by Swedish legislation. We comply with all regulations in the Consumer Purchase Act (SFS 1990:932), the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005:59) and the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204) on all purchase agreements.



We can refuse an order for various reasons, for example that an item is sold out or similar. We usually then have a dialogue via email or phone and agree on an extended delivery time or if you want to buy an alternative product.

As a rule, orders are binding and all orders are logged. If you have placed an order by mistake, please contact us and we will of course fix it.


It's a bit tricky to exchange one thing for another, so we usually don't offer product exchanges. If you want to exchange or change an order, place a new order with us instead and return the product you don't want. In the event of a return you must contact us at or by letter/phone. You can return a product within 14 days of receiving it. You are responsible for ensuring that the returned product is in good condition and that all labeling and packaging are in good condition. After we have received and approved your return, the amount you have paid will be refunded. You will receive an e-mail when the return is complete and the money refunded. It can take 5-15 days from when we have received the return until you have the money back.

The products must be returned to:
Att: Oak Equipment
Ebergviksvägen 34
178 90 Ekerö



When you place your order from us, you provide your personal information such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number (other information such as social security number, card details, etc. is never saved at Oak Equipment). At the same time, you agree that we save and use your personal data so that we can fulfill our commitments to you as a customer. We also document certain communications we have with you via telephone or e-mail, in order to provide you with the best service and follow up on your matters.

According to the GDPR law, you have the right to receive the information that we have registered about you. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that it be corrected or removed. In that case, contact our customer service. We will never disclose your personal data to third parties.



We comply with all regulations in the Consumer Purchase Act (SFS 1990:932), the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005:59) and the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204) on all purchase agreements. When you place your order, we send you an order confirmation, when you receive this confirmation, the purchase agreement comes into effect. We reserve the right to refuse an order, this may be due to the fact that we do not have the product in stock or that we have not managed to reserve the money from your credit card. If we have any problems with your order, we will contact you. In the event of any inaccuracies in stock status or price, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase agreement.

All image information should be viewed as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to reflect the exact appearance of the item. For questions about the meaning of our terms of purchase, please contact us at



We reserve the right for final sales and for any price errors that may occur. On these occasions we will contact you to see how you want to proceed with your order. Be sure to fill in the correct address information, because changing the delivery address after the order has been registered may result in extra charges from us. Delivery takes place to the address you specified. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the delivery address given at the time of purchase is correct. It is also the buyer's responsibility to be available for delivery. The buyer is responsible for examining the packaging upon delivery and reporting any visible damage on the waybill.



All deliveries are insured by us. If the package is damaged before you open it, you must report this to the delivery point. Visible faults must be reported directly to the driver at the time of delivery. In such cases, do not accept the package. If you have already opened the package when you discover the damage, contact us - damaged goods will be replaced free of charge by us. Hidden defects must be reported to us within 3 working days of delivery. It is important that on these occasions you return the item within 14 days.



Payment for goods is currently made by credit/debit card or via PayPal. When paying by card, we have the right to check the validity of the card, that there is coverage for the purchase amount and address details of the buyer. All prices are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and include free shipping on packages unless otherwise stated.



In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as changes in legislation, government actions, strikes, blockades, sabotage, war, terrorism, fire, flood, natural disasters or the like, our obligations to fulfill the purchase agreement are postponed until these circumstances are resolved. If such a delay takes longer than 2 months, both you and we have the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to pay damages.



All our deliveries of gym packages have free shipping for you as a customer. Individual products have a shipping price according to size and weight. The different shipping costs are based on the carrier's tariff and are dependent on the weight and size of the item. Delivery of gym packages (The OAK box) takes place as bulk goods via DHL on pallets.



All weight training takes place at your own risk. Acorn Group AB is not responsible for personal injuries in connection with strength training or for improperly used equipment. Acorn Group AB is also not responsible for incorrectly mounted or screwed-on equipment. Make sure you have assembled correctly by having all screws and nuts properly tightened. Wall-mounted rigs must be secured to the floor and wall - NOTE you must reinforce if the wall you are using is weak (e.g. plaster wall - screw a reinforcement into the joists and make sure it can handle the weight).



Acorn Group AB provides a 6-month warranty on all products from OAK Equipment. Acorn Group AB is responsible for any possible errors found on the item when you buy it. Defects on the products that appear within 6 months and are assumed to have been on the product from the beginning replace. Our guarantee then includes the protection for yourself as a consumer in the following way:

- In the first place, we replace the faulty product with a new one - alternatively, another equivalent item after agreement with the customer

- The product can also be replaced with a refund or the purchase cancelled



Requests for complaints or guarantees must be submitted to us within a reasonable time (within 2 months) from when the fault was discovered. If the warranty period (warranty according to the Consumer Purchase Act) has expired, it is the buyer's responsibility to demonstrate that the defect was already present at the time of delivery. Warranty does not apply to faults caused by incorrect use of the product.


Acorn Group AB
178 51 Ekerö