The range today for home gyms often consists of complicated machines or individual products of low quality. Of course, there is also very expensive professional equipment that home consumers can buy, but at a high price. Our philosophy is to deliver the best quality at the best price. A complete gym without complicated machines.​

Jon Lööf

Building a good gym is not as difficult as many people make it seem

You don't need to buy a lot of gadgets and specially made bars. What you must have is a solid foundation to build from. It all starts with a good rig . If you walk into a Crossfit box today, you'll see that everyone has a "rig". A rig is the position where you do pull-ups, leg-ups or use for bench press or for anchoring a battle rope. Our rig is specially designed to fit into the home and take up a little less space. The Oaks rig has a pull-up bar as well as a kipping bar. This means that even if it stands tight against the wall, you can tilt your pull-ups without problems. Our rig is of the highest quality in powder-coated 3mm steel with laser-cut holes.​​

The rig is also used as storage for bumpers, rods etc. Of course, it's the strong j-cups that hold up your barbell when you need relief, The barbell can handle 227kg, our bumpers have a strong rubber alloy to bounce softly and not break your floor. They are also drop-tested thousands of times at the factory.​

A stable bench is a must. To be able to do everything from bench press to seated military press or abdominal exercises like Dragonflags , you need a stable and strong bench. We have deliberately chosen a fixed bench as it is much more stable and cheaper than an angled one. If you want to angle it up a bit, we suggest that you place it on a couple of bumpers.​

When you have a good platform - a high-quality rig, a stable bench and barbell with weights - the need for other equipment is not great. To build on the package, however, we have made it possible to supplement with a Kettlebell, a slam ball, Olympic rings and a speed rope (jump rope). If you train functionally, you won't need much more.