• Do dumbbells come in pairs or as individual products?
    • All our dumbbells are sold as a pair and the price stated on the site is the price for 2 dumbbells. Would you like to buy just one dumbbell? Get in touch and we'll fix it, of course. The same applies to weight plates, they are always sold in pairs and the price is stated for 2 weights.
  • Are Kettlebells sold in pairs or individually?
    • Kettlebells, unlike dumbbells, are sold individually. We have the experience that many people want just one Kettlebell and therefore they are posted as individual articles on the site. The price is therefore stated for one weight. If you want a pair of 12kg Kettlebells, you must put 2 in the shopping basket.
  • Can you have the rig outdoors?
    • It is certainly possible to place the rig outside, but it is not treated to cope with a Nordic climate, i.e. not rust-protected for our climate zone. The rig does well outdoors as it has good paint protection. If the paint rubbs off, you can also fix it by adding some spray paint on the bare metal - that will fix it. Bolts and exposed metal will rust over time. We do not provide a guarantee for a rig that has been installed outdoors.


  • Do I need to screw the rig to both the floor and ceiling?
    • Screwing the rig to the wall is a must, otherwise it will fall... But screwing it to the floor is not a must. The rig is stable and can be used perfectly without screwing into the floor at home. It may move a little if you jerk or tear the legs, but then you just have to jerk in the opposite direction until the post is straight again.


  • When will the products arrive?
    • We always ship your order as soon as we can, usually within a couple of days. But it happens that things run out of stock and then we will inform you immediately.


  • Can I order from the company against an invoice?
    • Of course you can build a gym at the company! The best thing to do then is to email us directly at and we will help you from planning to finished gym on invoice.


  • I have a lower ceiling height than the dimensions of the rig, can it be cut?
    • Yes, when you place an order for your rig, add X Rig Customization to the cart. We cut the rigging poles according to your wishes and place the cut exactly between two holes so that all accessories work.


  • I am interested in a Crossfit box but want to replace the barbell and have other weights on the bumpers. Can I change the package?
    • If you want to make any changes from the regular packages that can be seen on the website, contact with your wishes and we will tailor a package that suits you.


We are constantly adding more questions...