The best way to burn fat is with high intensity!

Bränna fett med hög intensitet och tung träning

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

There are so many thoughts and considerations about what to do to burn fat. Morning walks before breakfast, low intensity for hours or fast intervals up a hill. Yes, you will probably get as many answers as people you ask the question to.

But now there is actually a study that shows the "truth". You have to remember that studies never show an absolute truth. But usually they are more accurate than your father-in-law's tips. Link to the study .

What the study says, in my words, is that the best fat burning occurs through high intensity, over 80% of maximum heart rate. The result is not surprising if you usually read articles or blogs by talented physiologists and nutrition experts.

You get the best effect (not in this study) of high-intensity training by training the heart, lungs and the large muscle groups at the same time. That is, it is not enough to run intervals to get the best effect. Exercising the muscles means that you increase the burning in the body even after the run. The higher the activity in your muscles, the more energy is burned in them. And the big advantage is that the more you train your muscles, the more the effect in the combustion increases. So, you burn more fat the more you exercise.

The effect of high-intensity training, so-called anaerobic training, where the heart and lungs do not have time to oxygenate the muscles enough, together with heavy lifting with the larger muscle groups is the best training. This is why training methods such as Crossfit have made a breakthrough as an extremely effective training. Just Crossfit uses the large muscle groups in the back, legs and torso, while your training is of such high intensity that you enter the anaerobic zone. Just like I wrote above, this is the absolute best way to burn fat. In addition, it is precisely basic exercises such as deadlifts, leg bends and jumps that give you the best training.

So if you want to train effectively to lose fat, have more energy and get a little stronger in your body, train functionally. High-intensity such as cycling, running, jumping rope together with the basic lift. Do it intensively for 30 sec, rest 30 sec and do 3-7 rounds depending on intensity and weight. I promise you that you will feel and see an effect after just a few weeks! Good luck!!

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