Complete training program for a whole week

Veckoprogram från Mattias Steenhouwer

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

New training program for a whole week programmed by coach Mattias Steenhower. A good mix of calisthenics, core and stability exercises as well as heavier lifting to build strength. Many of the sessions can be done outdoors as well as indoors, and if you don't have all the equipment, Matte gives tips on alternative exercises and equipment. Go for it!

WOD 1 - Monday

A) 10 min handstand
B) EMOM 18 min
B1. HSW/Bear walk
B2. Burpees
B3. Hollow plank
B4. Call support team
B5. Toes-to-bar
B6. Rest

Focus on gymnastics and handstands! Before you do this workout, it's great to practice mobility in your shoulders. After that, it's time to start practicing for 10 minutes just standing on your hands (part A). In this part you should only get comfortable with standing on your hands. It may be different for some. Just daring to stand up & down can be something that feels nasty? Take your time and take it easy. There are several ways to practice handstands, one of the first is to climb up against a wall with your feet and follow with your hands until you are standing up against the wall with your face fully facing the wall. The second is to stand on your hands, but to take the help of a wall to hit against when you go up. Just stopping for a while in your handstand, even if you have help with support, is a good exercise. Feel if you can press your head in between the shoulders, work a little with your hands (spread your fingers for increased balance, etc.) and try tensing your butt and pushing your hips forward (pinch).

Part B is an 18 min EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) with a series of exercises where you use your body weight. It's not about getting as tired as possible, but feeling that you can do each exercise equally well and comprehensively every time. HSW (hand standwalk) may not be easy for everyone and then a good exercise is to scale down to so-called Wall Climbs/Walks. If it's still noisy, do the so-called Bear Crawl with the butt raised so that you get more pressure on the shoulders and that it resembles a handstand position.

Did you know that Burpees are classified as a gymnastics exercise? Now you know ;)

"Hollow Plank" is done like a regular plank, but you stand on your hands instead of your elbows. Try to put your hands a little further forward than usual and almost try to "curve" the upper body. Just like you do in a Hollow Hold.

Ring Support Hold involves hanging from rings on straight arms, just as you hang when you are at the top of a Dip position. Do you have no rings? Do it against a chair or bench instead.

Toes-to-Bar, you choose a number where you don't take on too much acid so it doesn't ruin the next rounds.

Then it's just a matter of working on it and hoping it feels good

That said, make sure to warm up your upper body properly too (shoulders, back, chest and wrists) – go hard!

WOD 2 - Tuesday

A) Deadlift 4x8 medium-heavy
Rest 2-3 min between sets
B) AMRAP 15 min (16/24kg)
Buy in: 400m run
10 dual KB deadlifts
8 dual KB Hang power clean'6 dual KB Push press
4 dual KB Thrusters
If you put the weights down during the round, you have to run 400m

Today's wod is a combo of strength and breath. The first part is deadlifts, 4 sets x 8 reps. Dare to let these sets get heavy and challenging. Don't have a pole? Run with dumbbells or kettlebells (increase the number of reps if it's too easy).

The next part is really challenging for grip and skin in a so-called AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). Buy in means you have to start the wodden with this exercise. Check out a nice run, about 400m, and then it's just driving. Do the specified number of repetitions of each exercise and then move on to the next exercise. If you ever drop or have to put the weights down during the round, you have to run 400m again. Then continue where you were. Between each round, you can set the weights down without running. Buy-in is only done once, so if you complete all the rounds without dropping the weight, it will only be one run.

WOD 3 - Wednesday

AMRAP 3 min
6 Thrusters
6 Pullups
-Rest 30 s-

AMRAP 3 min
Burpees to target
-Rest 30 s-

AMRAP 3 min
6 Thrusters
6 Pullups
-Rest 30 s-

Today it's the tile in the carpet. Short work and fast reps, 3 min on: 30s off in the first part and in the last part in the wodden. Two exercises 6 reps/exercise and the goal is to work quickly between exercises. Don't have a pole? Do Thrusters with Dumbbells or Kettlebells. Can't do Pull-ups? Do push-ups.

The middle part "Burpees-to-Target" is as it sounds, a Burpee and then jump up to something above you, it could be the railing in the rigging, the ceiling or similar. As many reps as you can manage in 3 minutes :)

WOD 4 - Thursday

EMOM 12 min
1. Wall balls
2. Box jumps
3. Double unders/Mountain Climbers
4. Push-ups

Today's WOD will be sweaty, 12 min of work and it is all-in that applies. You do as many reps as you can of each exercise for one minute. 4 exercises 1 min each 3 rounds. - If you don't have a medball/slamball for Wallball Shots, do Jumping Squats instead - If you don't have a Box to jump on, take a chair or bench instead - If you don't have a jump rope to do DoubleUnders, do Mountain Climbers instead - Push-ups. .. Just drive!

This is a sweaty wod, short time but the body will have to work. Count up how many reps you do so you can compare with the next time you do it. Good luck!

WOD 5 - Friday

-Cleans 60kg/42.5kg
-Call dips

It's Friday and here we have a real classic - "Elisabeth"

Be sure to warm up your shoulders and chest properly before starting this WOD. Then you start to warm up a bit with a barbell, do some deadlifts, Muscle Cleans, Peeled dips so you just get your body started. Work with an empty bar or lighter dumbbells/kettlebells. - If you don't have rings, you do your dips against a box or bench, all if you have a good solution in your rig. - If you don't have a bar, you take dumbbells or Kettlebells and work with them. What time did you get? Remember or note the time so you can see next time what your progress looks like.

Thanks for this week and just drop us a line if you have any questions!

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