New training program from Mattias

Veckoprogram med wod

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

Time for a new complete training week with daily sessions from our coach Mattias Steenhower. A good combo of strength, skin and gymnastics


Workout WOD

Get your hips and shoulders started today in the mobility part. The B part is similar to last week's setup with quite a lot of slow leg bends. Let it sting, it'll feel good ;) This is followed by a faster WOD where you just go into your bubble and feed. Give as much power as possible from your legs so your arms don't die too quickly. Good luck :)

Single arm KB Cleans? Type a "biceps curl" ;)

Pace @ 2030 means taking 2s down and 3s up – the slow pace builds strength!


WOD Saved by the barbell

Today it's time for a real treat! 5 different exercises where you must get as many reps as possible in 3 rounds. Add up how many reps you got in total after the session and feel free to comment below :) Feel free to practice some technique on "Hang Power Cleans" or deadlifts after the warm-up so you get a good feeling before the wodden. Drive so it smokes on the last day of the year!



Gymnastics fun today J. When doing this session, the goal is not to get as tired as possible. Instead, think about getting a good feeling in each exercise in each interval. Take a day and improve your technique.


WOD Devil's Press

Today it's off :D Three exercises, few reps but many laps. Make sure to keep an even flow through all the turns. Set up a little "Game Plan" and stick to it. Dare to have ice in your stomach, rather be able to increase the pace towards the end than have to slow down and take a lot of rest! What time did you get? Did you make it within the time limit?


WOD team wod workout buddy


Find a workout buddy! Today we throw in a little Team wod. Invite a friend over or find someone in the family to train with. Have a 50min clock to work towards. Here it's about being able to cheer and lift each other up. Hope it tastes ;)

Thanks for this week and just drop us a line if you have any questions!

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