Crossfit WOD - shoulders & back

Wod för axlar och rygg

Below is translated with AI so there might be some strange wordings... :)

This WOD is aimed at those who want to train their shoulders, back and torso. It contains three different exercises that you do 12 repetitions in 4 rounds.

1 - Pull with a rubber band. Important here to be straight in the back, pull down with the shoulders pointing down when you pull down. Always start by contracting the shoulder blades and then bring the shoulders down. Check the speed back to the starting position.

2 - Kettlebell swing (Russian variant). Straight back throughout the exercise, no slouching but a neutral back, strong in the torso. Feel free to fill your stomach with air before the upward swing and let it out on the way down. In the Russian variant, you only swing out to 90 degrees, not overhead. This means that you have to constantly work on slowing down the speed and thus you activate your core more. When you accelerate the Kettlebell, you do it with your hips, not your arms anymore. The arms should be as passive as possible through the movement.

3 - Wall balls. Relatively uncomplicated exercise. Straight, strong, in the back and try to go deep in your leg bends. Not too deep, stay where you are comfortable. The ball must go high, at least 2.5m. When you catch, you brake through the entire leg bend. Push with your shoulders, not your arms.

Go for it!

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